The Junior League of Dayton welcomes all persons who identify as women. 

The Junior League of Dayton welcomes all persons who identify as women.
This simple statement is the culmination of an eight month process our league has taken to be more inclusive of anyone who has the desire to make a positive impact on our community.


In the Spring of 2021, during our recruitment period for the next league year, Junior League of Dayton was asked if Transgender women were allowed to join. Unfortunately we realized we did not have a concrete answer. Shortly after our then President put into motion the creation of a special committee to address this question. Their work included research into how other Junior Leagues, and other single gender organizations, had revised their own language to be more inclusive. It included facilitating discussions and surveys within our membership to better understand any questions and concerns that existed. Their work also included a gender, identity, and pronouns training for our membership from Nadine Cichy, Professor of Gender Studies at Sinclair Community College. And finally, their work included a motion to formally adopt this language which our membership firmly voted to support.
Additionally, our membership voted to move our Diversity & Inclusion Chair role into an Executive VP and VP-Elect position and placing them on our governing board.
We know this is not the end of our work to be more diverse, inclusive, or equitable and we look forward to opportunities to continue our work in this space. But we are proud of the steps that have been taken so far to better our league, our members, and our mission. #BeJLD #JLBetterTogether

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